Chapter 6. Administrative tasks

6.1. Starting monitoring

Red Hat OpenShift Local disables cluster monitoring by default to ensure that Red Hat OpenShift Local can run on a typical notebook. Monitoring is responsible for listing your cluster in the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console. Follow this procedure to enable monitoring for your cluster.


  • You must assign additional memory to the Red Hat OpenShift Local instance. At least 14 GiB of memory, a value of 14336, is recommended for core functionality. Increased workloads will require more memory. For more information, see Configuring the instance.


  1. Set the enable-cluster-monitoring configurable property to true:

    $ crc config set enable-cluster-monitoring true
  2. Start the instance:

    $ crc start

    Cluster monitoring cannot be disabled. To remove monitoring, set the enable-cluster-monitoring configurable property to false and delete the existing Red Hat OpenShift Local instance.