Chapter 4. Introduction to devfile in Dev Spaces

Devfiles are yaml text files used for development environment customization. Use them to configure a devfile to suit your specific needs and share the customized devfile across multiple workspaces to ensure identical user experience and build, run, and deploy behaviours across your team.

Devfile and Universal Developer Image

You do not need a devfile to start a workspace. If you do not include a devfile in your project repository, Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces automatically loads a default devfile with a Universal Developer Image (UDI).

OpenShift Dev Spaces devfile registry

OpenShift Dev Spaces devfile registry contains ready-to-use devfiles for different languages and technologies.


Devfiles included in the registry are specific to Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces and should be treated as samples rather than templates. They might require updates to work with other versions of the components featured in the samples.