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Chapter 5. Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to deploy applications to an OpenShift cluster from OpenShift Dev Spaces?
Yes. The user must log in to the OpenShift cluster from their running workspace using oc login.
For best performance, what is the recommended storage to use for Persistent Volumes used with OpenShift Dev Spaces?
Use block storage.
Is it possible to deploy more than one OpenShift Dev Spaces instance on the same cluster?
It is not recommended. This feature is subject to removal in a future release.
Is it possible to install OpenShift Dev Spaces offline (that is, disconnected from the internet)?
Yes. See Installing OpenShift Dev Spaces in restricted environments.
Is it possible to use non-default certificates with OpenShift Dev Spaces?
Yes, you can use self-signed or public certificates. See Importing untrusted TLS certificates.
Is it possible to run multiple workspaces simultaneously?
Yes. See Configuring the number of workspaces that a user can run.
What specific changes have been implemented for IBM Power Systems?

The memory limit for some plug-ins has been increased, to give Pods sufficient RAM to run.

Table 5.1. Example memory limits differences between IBM Power System and other architectures

Plug-inIBM Power SystemOther architectures

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