Chapter 1. Logging in to OpenShift Data Science

Log in to OpenShift Data Science from a browser for easy access to Jupyter and your data science projects.


  1. Browse to the OpenShift Data Science instance URL and click Log in with OpenShift.

    • If you are a data scientist user, your administrator must provide you with the OpenShift Data Science instance URL, for example,
    • If you have access to OpenShift Container Platform, you can browse to the OpenShift Container Platform web console and click the Application Launcher ( The application launcher ) → Red Hat OpenShift Data Science.
  2. Click the name of your identity provider, for example, GitHub.
  3. Enter your credentials and click Log in (or equivalent for your identity provider).


  • OpenShift Data Science opens on the Enabled applications page.


  • If you see An authentication error occurred or Could not create user when you try to log in:

    • You might have entered your credentials incorrectly. Confirm that your credentials are correct.
    • You might have an account in more than one configured identity provider. If you have logged in with a different identity provider previously, try again with that identity provider.