Chapter 7. Enabling services connected to OpenShift Data Science

You must enable SaaS-based services, such as Anaconda Professional Edition, before using them with Red Hat OpenShift Data Science. On-cluster services are enabled automatically.

Typically, you can install services, or enable services connected to OpenShift Data Science using one of the following methods:

  • Enabling the service from the Explore page on the OpenShift Data Science dashboard, as documented in the following procedure.
  • Installing the Operator for the service from OperatorHub. OperatorHub is a web console for cluster administrators to discover and select Operators to install on their cluster. It is deployed by default in OpenShift Container Platform (Installing from OperatorHub using the web console).


    Deployments containing Operators installed from OperatorHub may not be fully supported by Red Hat.

  • Installing the Operator for the service from Red Hat Marketplace (Install Operators).
  • Installing the service as an Operator to your OpenShift Container Platform cluster (Adding Operators to a cluster).

For some services (such as Jupyter), the service endpoint is available on the tile for the service on the Enabled page of OpenShift Data Science. Certain services cannot be accessed directly from their tiles, for example, OpenVINO and Anaconda provide notebook images for use in Jupyter and do not provide an endpoint link from their tile. Additionally, it may be useful to store these endpoint URLs as environment variables for easy reference in a notebook environment.

Some independent software vendor (ISV) applications must be installed in specific OpenShift Data Science Operator namespaces. However, do not install ISV applications in namespaces associated with OpenShift Data Science Operators unless you are specifically directed to do so on the card for the application’s card on the dashboard.

To help you get started quickly, you can access the service’s learning resources and documentation on the Resources page, or by clicking the relevant link on the tile for the service on the Enabled page.


  • You have logged in to OpenShift Data Science.
  • Your administrator has installed or configured the service on your OpenShift cluster.


  1. On the OpenShift Data Science home page, click Explore.

    The Explore page opens.

  2. Click the card of the service that you want to enable.
  3. Click Enable on the drawer for the service.
  4. If prompted, enter the service’s key and click Connect.
  5. Click Enable to confirm that you are enabling the service.


  • The service that you enabled appears on the Enabled page.
  • The service endpoint is displayed on the tile for the service on the Enabled page.