Chapter 3. Requirements for OpenShift Data Science

Your environment must meet certain requirements in order to receive support for Red Hat OpenShift Data Science.

Installation requirements

You need to meet the following requirements before you are able to install OpenShift Data Science on your Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated or Red Hat OpenShift Service on Amazon Web Services (ROSA) cluster.

  • A Red Hat customer account

    Go to OpenShift Cluster Manager ( and log in or register for a new account.

  • Product subscriptions

    Subscriptions for the following product and Add-on:

    • Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated or ROSA
    • Red Hat OpenShift Data Science Add-on

    Contact your Red Hat account manager to purchase new subscriptions. If you do not yet have an account manager, complete the form at to request one.

  • An OpenShift Dedicated cluster

    Use an existing cluster or create a new cluster by following the OpenShift Dedicated documentation: Creating your cluster.

    Your cluster must have at least 2 worker nodes with at least 8 CPUs and 32 GiB RAM (instance type m5.2xlarge or larger) available for OpenShift Data Science use when you install the Add-on. The installation process fails to start and an error is displayed if this requirement is not met.

By default, a cluster is created with one machine pool. You can add an additional machine pool or modify the default pool in order to meet the minimum requirements. However, the minimum resource requirements must be met by a single machine pool in the cluster. You cannot meet the requirements using the resources of multiple machine pools. For more information, see Creating a machine pool.

  • On ROSA clusters, AWS Identity and Access Management credentials

    You cannot install OpenShift Data Science on a ROSA cluster that uses AWS Security Token Service (STS). When you install OpenShift Data Science on ROSA, you must use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) credentials only. See the ROSA documentation for advice on deploying without STS: Deploying ROSA without AWS STS.