Chapter 5. Installing OpenShift Data Science on OpenShift Dedicated

You can install Red Hat OpenShift Data Science as an Add-on to your Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated cluster using Red Hat OpenShift Cluster Manager.


  • Purchase entitlements for OpenShift Data Science.
  • Credentials for OpenShift Cluster Manager (
  • Administrator access to the OpenShift Dedicated cluster.


  1. Log in to OpenShift Cluster Manager (
  2. Click Clusters.

    The Clusters page opens.

  3. Click the name of the cluster you want to install OpenShift Data Science on.

    The Details page for the cluster opens.

  4. Click the Add-ons tab and locate the Red Hat OpenShift Data Science card.
  5. Click Install. The Configure Red Hat OpenShift Data Science pane appears.
  6. In the Notification email field, enter any email addresses that you want to receive important alerts about the state of Red Hat OpenShift Data Science, such as outage alerts.
  7. Click Install.


  • In OpenShift Cluster Manager, under the Add-ons tab for the cluster, confirm that the OpenShift Data Science card shows one of the following states:

    • Installing - installation is in progress; wait for this to change to Installed. This takes around 30 minutes.
    • Installed - installation is complete; verify that the View in console button is visible.
  • In OpenShift Dedicated, click HomeProjects and confirm that the following project namespaces are visible and listed as Active:

    • redhat-ods-applications
    • redhat-ods-monitoring
    • redhat-ods-operator
    • rhods-notebooks