Chapter 5. Configuring an identity provider for OpenShift Dedicated

Configure an identity provider for your OpenShift Dedicated cluster to manage users and groups.


Adding more than one OpenShift Identity Provider can create problems when the same user name exists in multiple providers.

When mappingMethod is set to claim (the default mapping method for identity providers) and multiple providers have credentials associated with the same user name, the first provider used to log in to OpenShift is the one that works for that user, regardless of the order in which identity providers are configured.

Refer to Identity provider parameters in the OpenShift Dedicated documentation for more information about mapping methods.



  1. Log in to OpenShift Cluster Manager (
  2. Click Clusters. The Clusters page opens.
  3. Click the name of the cluster to configure.
  4. Click the Access control tab.
  5. Click Identity providers.
  6. Click Add identity provider.

    1. Select your provider from the Identity Provider list.
    2. Complete the remaining fields relevant to the identity provider that you selected. See Configuring identity providers for more information.
  7. Click Confirm.


  • The configured identity providers are visible on the Access control tab of the Cluster details page.

5.1. Identity management options for OpenShift Data Science

Red Hat OpenShift Data Science supports the same authentication systems as Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated and Red Hat OpenShift Service on Amazon Web Services (ROSA).

Check the appropriate documentation for your cluster for more information.