Chapter 5. Adding administrative users

Before you can install and configure OpenShift Data Science for your data scientist users, you must define administrative users. Only administrative users can install and configure OpenShift Data Science.



  1. Log in to OpenShift Cluster Manager (
  2. Click Clusters. The Clusters page opens.
  3. Click the name of the cluster to configure.
  4. Click the Access control tab.
  5. Click Cluster Roles and Access.
  6. Under Cluster administrative users click the Add user button.

    The Add cluster user popover appears.

  7. Enter the user name in the User ID field.
  8. Select an appropriate Group for the user.


    If this user needs to use existing groups in an identity provider to control OpenShift Data Science access, select cluster-admins.

    Check Cluster administration in the OpenShift Dedicated documentation for more information about these user types.

  9. Click Add user.


  • The user name and selected group are visible in the list of Cluster administrative users.