Chapter 1. Logging in to OpenShift Data Science

Log in to OpenShift Data Science from a browser for easy access to JupyterHub and your data science projects.


  1. Browse to the OpenShift Data Science instance URL and click Log in with OpenShift.

    • If you are a data scientist user, your administrator must provide you with the OpenShift Data Science instance URL, for example,
    • If you have access to OpenShift Dedicated, you can browse to the OpenShift Dedicated web console and click the Application Launcher ( The application launcher ) → Red Hat OpenShift Data Science.
  2. Click the name of your identity provider, for example, GitHub.
  3. Enter your credentials and click Log in (or equivalent for your identity provider).

    If you have not previously authorized the rhods-dashboard service account to access your account, the Authorize Access page appears prompting you to provide authorization. Inspect the permissions selected by default, and click the Allow selected permissions button.


  • OpenShift Data Science opens on the Enabled applications page.


  • If you see An authentication error occurred or Could not create user when you try to log in:

    • You might have entered your credentials incorrectly. Confirm that your credentials are correct.
    • You might have an account in more than one configured identity provider. If you have logged in with a different identity provider previously, try again with that identity provider.