Chapter 10. Pushing project changes to a Git repository

To build and deploy your application in a production environment, upload your work to a remote Git repository.


  • You have opened a notebook in the JupterLab interface.
  • You have already added the relevant Git repository to your notebook server.
  • You have permission to push changes to the relevant Git repository.
  • You have installed the Git version control extension.


  1. Click FileSave All to save any unsaved changes.
  2. Click the Git icon ( Git button ) to open the Git pane in the JupyterLab interface.
  3. Confirm that your changed files appear under Changed.

    If your changed files appear under Untracked, click GitSimple Staging to enable a simplified Git process.

  4. Commit your changes.

    1. Ensure that all files under Changed have a blue checkmark beside them.
    2. In the Summary field, enter a brief description of the changes you made.
    3. Click Commit.
  5. Click GitPush to Remote to push your changes to the remote repository.
  6. When prompted, enter your Git credentials and click OK.


  • Your most recently pushed changes are visible in the remote Git repository.