Chapter 7. Adding annotation to the pre-existing backingstores

Adding the correct annotation to the pre-existing backingstores allows the backingstores backed by object gateways (RGWs) to report its actual and free size. The Multicloud Object Gateway (MCG) can retrieve and use this information. This flow is only relevant if RGW is present and in-use on the cluster. RGW is used by default only in on-premise platforms such as vSphere.


If you added the annotations to pre-existing backingstores after upgrading to OpenShift Data Foundation version 4.8, then you do not need to add them after upgrading to 4.9. All backingstores created in version 4.8 and above will already have this annotation by default.


  1. Log in to the OpenShift Container Platform Web Console.
  2. Click HomeSearch.
  3. Search for BackingStore in Resources and click on it.
  4. Beside the S3-compatible BackingStore, click Action Menu (⋮)Edit annotations.
  5. Add rgw for KEY.
  6. Click Save.