Chapter 7. Mirroring data for hybrid and Multicloud buckets

The Multicloud Object Gateway (MCG) simplifies the process of spanning data across cloud provider and clusters.


Then you create a bucket class that reflects the data management policy, mirroring.


You can set up mirroring data in three ways:

7.1. Creating bucket classes to mirror data using the MCG command-line-interface

  1. From the Multicloud Object Gateway (MCG) command-line interface, run the following command to create a bucket class with a mirroring policy:

    $ noobaa bucketclass create placement-bucketclass mirror-to-aws --backingstores=azure-resource,aws-resource --placement Mirror
  2. Set the newly created bucket class to a new bucket claim, generating a new bucket that will be mirrored between two locations:

    $ noobaa obc create  mirrored-bucket --bucketclass=mirror-to-aws

7.2. Creating bucket classes to mirror data using a YAML

  1. Apply the following YAML. This YAML is a hybrid example that mirrors data between local Ceph storage and AWS:

    kind: BucketClass
        app: noobaa
      name: <bucket-class-name>
      namespace: openshift-storage
        - backingStores:
          - <backing-store-1>
          - <backing-store-2>
          placement: Mirror
  2. Add the following lines to your standard Object Bucket Claim (OBC):

      bucketclass: mirror-to-aws

    For more information about OBCs, see Chapter 10, Object Bucket Claim.

7.3. Configuring buckets to mirror data using the user interface

  1. In the OpenShift Web Console, click StorageData Foundation.
  2. In the Status card, click Storage System and click the storage system link from the pop up that appears.
  3. In the Object tab, click the Multicloud Object Gateway link.
  4. On the NooBaa page, click the buckets icon on the left side. You can see a list of your buckets:

    MCG noobaa bucket icon
  5. Click the bucket you want to update.
  6. Click Edit Tier 1 Resources:

    MCG edit tier 1 resources
  7. Select Mirror and check the relevant resources you want to use for this bucket. In the following example, the data between noobaa-default-backing-store which is on RGW and AWS-backingstore which is on AWS is mirrored:

    MCG mirror relevant resources
  8. Click Save.

Resources created in NooBaa UI cannot be used by OpenShift UI or Multicloud Object Gateway (MCG) CLI.