Chapter 4. Technology previews

Technology Preview features are provided with a limited support scope, as detailed on the Customer Portal: Technology Preview Features Support Scope.

This section describes technology preview features introduced in Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage 4.8 under Technology Preview support limitations.

Disaster recovery using arbiter

With this release, Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage provides Metro-DR stretched cluster (arbiter) feature that allows you to enable a single cluster to be stretched across two zones with a third zone as the location for the arbiter during the storage cluster creation.

For more information, see Disaster Recovery in the Planning your deployment guide.

Multi Network plugin (Multus) support

Supports the ability to use multi-container network plugin (multus) to improve security and performance by isolating networks. This feature has been tested only on bare metal and VMWare deployments. For more information about multus, see Multi network plug-in (Multus) support.


In the case of a deletion of a plugin pod, the data is not accessible until a node restart takes place. This is a known issue. For more information, see If a plugin pod is deleted, the data becomes inaccessible until a node restart takes place.