Chapter 7. Checking for Local Storage Operator deployments

OpenShift Container Storage clusters with Local Storage Operator are deployed using local storage devices. To find out if your existing cluster with OpenShift Container Storage was deployed using local storage devices, use the following procedure:


  • OpenShift Container Storage is installed and running in the openshift-storage namespace.


By checking the storage class associated with your OpenShift Container Storage cluster’s persistent volume claims (PVCs), you can tell if your cluster was deployed using local storage devices.

  1. Check the storage class associated with OpenShift Container Storage cluster’s PVCs with the following command:

    $ oc get pvc -n openshift-storage
  2. Check the output. For clusters with Local Storage Operator, the PVCs associated with ocs-deviceset use the storage class localblock. The output looks similar to the following:

    NAME                      STATUS   VOLUME                                     CAPACITY   ACCESS MODES   STORAGECLASS                  AGE
    db-noobaa-db-0            Bound    pvc-d96c747b-2ab5-47e2-b07e-1079623748d8   50Gi       RWO            ocs-storagecluster-ceph-rbd   114s
    ocs-deviceset-0-0-lzfrd   Bound    local-pv-7e70c77c                          1769Gi     RWO            localblock                    2m10s
    ocs-deviceset-1-0-7rggl   Bound    local-pv-b19b3d48                          1769Gi     RWO            localblock                    2m10s
    ocs-deviceset-2-0-znhk8   Bound    local-pv-e9f22cdc                          1769Gi     RWO            localblock                    2m10s