Chapter 1. Cluster health

1.1. Verifying OpenShift Container Storage is healthy

Storage health is visible on the Persistent Storage and Object Service dashboards.


  1. Log in to OpenShift Web Console.
  2. Check the Status card in the following locations.

    • HomeOverviewPersistent Storage
    • HomeOverviewObject Service

      If Green Tick appears on the Status card, the cluster is healthy.

      If the state is not Healthy, see Section 1.2, “Storage health levels and cluster state” for more information about the current state and any alerts that appear.

1.2. Storage health levels and cluster state

Status information and alerts related to OpenShift Container Storage are displayed in the storage dashboards.

1.2.1. Persistent storage dashboard indicators

The Persistent Storage dashboard shows the state of OpenShift Container Storage as a whole, as well as the state of persistent volumes.

The states that are possible for each resource type are listed in the following table.

Table 1.1. OpenShift Container Storage health levels



unknown icon

OpenShift Container Storage is not deployed or unavailable.

Green Tick

ocs health icon green

Cluster health is good.


ocs health icon yellow

When Ceph cluster is in a warning state. Alert will be displayed containing the issue with the Ceph system.


ocs health icon red

When the Ceph cluster has encountered an error and some component is nonfunctional. Alert will be displayed containing the details.

1.2.2. Object Service dashboard indicators

The Object Service dashboard shows the state of the Multicloud Object Gateway and any object claims in the cluster.

The states that are possible for each resource type are listed in the following table.

Table 1.2. Object Service health levels


Green Tick

Object Storage is healthy.

Multicloud Object Gateway is not running

Shown when NooBaa system is not found.

All resources are unhealthy

Shown when all NooBaa pools are unhealthy.

Many buckets have issues

Shown when >= 50% of buckets encounter error(s).

Some buckets have issues

Shown when >= 30% of buckets encounter error(s).


Shown when network issues and/or errors exist.

1.2.3. Alert panel

The Alert panel appears below the Status card in both the Persistent Storage dashboard and the Object Service dashboard when the cluster state is not healthy.

Information about specific alerts and how to respond to them is available in Troubleshooting OpenShift Container Storage.