Chapter 3. Technology Preview features

Technology Preview features are provided with a limited support scope, as detailed on the Customer Portal: Technology Preview Features Support Scope.

The features listed in this section are provided under Technology Preview support limitations.

3.1. Deployment on Amazon EC2 storage optimized instances

Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage can be deployed using local storage devices on Amazon EC2 storage optimized instances with optimal performance. Amazon EC2 storage optimized instances can also be expanded to increase the storage capacity.

For more information, see Deploying OpenShift Container Storage on local storage devices and Adding a node on a local storage device.

3.2. Data federation in Multicloud Object Gateway

The Multicloud Object Gateway allows object federation across multiple cloud environments by stretching buckets across two different OpenShift Container Storage clusters that run on two separate infrastructures.

For more information, see Scaling Multicloud Object Gateway performance by adding S3 endpoints section of the Managing OpenShift Container Storage Guide.