Chapter 1. What is Thorntail


Thorntail was formerly known as WildFly Swarm.

Thorntail deconstructs the features in JBoss EAP and allows them to be selectively reconstructed based on the needs of your application. This allows you to create microservices that run on a just-enough-appserver that supports the exact subset of APIs you need. See Additional Resources for further information about Thorntail.

The Thorntail runtime enables you to run Thorntail applications and services in OpenShift while providing all the advantages and conveniences of the OpenShift platform such as rolling updates, service discovery, and canary deployments. OpenShift also makes it easier for your applications to implement common microservice patterns such as externalized configuration, health check, circuit breaker, and failover.

Thorntail has a product version of its runtime that runs on OpenShift and is provided as part of a Red Hat subscription.