Chapter 5. Fixed issues

This RHOAR Thorntail release incorporates all bugfixes from the community release of Thorntail 2.5.0. Issues resolved in the community release are listed in the Thorntail 2.5.0 Release Notes.

5.1. Notable fixed non-security issues

5.1.1. MicroProfile Metrics: Application metric behavior does not conform to metrics specification


Prior to this release, metrics would not be registered upon deployment, but would instead be registered when the metric method was first called. This issue was fixed and metrics are now registered correctly.

5.1.2. MicroProfile RestClient fails when using CompletionStage and @PathParam


Prior to this release, invoking a MicroProfile RestClient interface method that returns CompletionStage and has a @PathParam parameters would result in an error. This issue was fixed and asynchronous MicroProfile RestClient invocations now work correctly.

5.1.3. SmallRye Config: Incorrect interpretation of escaped backslash ('\\') character sequence


Due to a bug in the SmallRye Config component in the previous release, it wasn’t possible to use a backslash character to escape another backslash character. This could even result in wrong array conversion, if there was a comma character right after the double backslash sequence. See the example below for details. This issue has been resolved in this release and the behavior no longer occurs.


            arrayProperty: element1,element2\\,element3,element41\,element42,ele\\ment5

The expected interpretation of the value entered in the arrayProperty in the example above is: element1, element2\, element3, element41,element42, ele\ment5

Instead, the arrayProperty value entered as shown in the example above was interpreted as: element1, element2\,element3, element41\,element42, ele\\ment5

5.1.4. Thorntail Topology OpenShift fraction does not work on OpenShift 4.1


Prior to this release, using the Thorntail Topology fraction on an OpenShift 4.1 cluster resulted in the following exception at runtime:

Exception in thread "OkHttp Dispatcher" io.fabric8.kubernetes.clnt.v4_0.KubernetesClientException: Failure executing: GET at: Message: Not Found

The behavior was caused by an issue with the OpenShift Java REST Client. The issues has been resolved in the 8.0 release of the OpenShift Java REST Client, and Thorntail now includes the new version.

5.2. Fixed security issues

For a list of resolved security issues, see Advisories related to this release.