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4.2. Command Line Options

Table 4.1. Command Line Options Available

Option Definition
-h, --help Shows the help file.
-c CONFIG, --config=CONFIG Allows the user to supply a config file that has all the options specified. Any options that can be run on the command line can be specified in this config file. The config file allows users to set up a complex list of channels that they want cloned and save the exact commands for later use.
-u USERNAME, --username=USERNAME Specify the username to use to log in to the Satellite.
-p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD Specify the password for the username
-s SERVER, --server=SERVER Server URL to use for api connections. This defaults to https://localhost/rpc/api
-l CHANNELS, --channels=CHANNELS Specifies which channels to clone. Channel labels must be specified in original clone pairs. When specifying clone pairs, remember to separate them with spaces. Additional channels may be specified by using the --channels option more than once.
-b BLACKLIST, --blacklist=BLACKLIST Comma separated list of package names (or regular expressions) to exclude from cloned errata (Only added packages will be considered).
-r REMOVELIST, --removelist=REMOVELIST Comma separated list of package names (or regular expressions) to remove from destination channel (All packages are available for removal).
-d TO_DATE, --to_date=TO_DATE Clone errata to the specified date (YYYY-MM-DD). Allows the user to clone the original packages and any specific errata released from the creation of the original channel until the specified TO_DATE parameter. A time-based snapshot of the channel during the specified TO_DATE can be obtained.
-y, --assumeyes Assume yes for any prompts that come up. This is used for unattended cloning.
-m, --sample-config Print a sample full configuration file and exit.
-k, --skip_depsolve Skip all dependency solving (Not recommended).
-v, --validate Run repoclosure on the set of specified repositories.
-g, --background Clone the errata in the background. Prompt will return quicker; before cloning is finished.
-o, --security_only Only clone security errata (and their dependencies).This command can be used in conjunction with the --to_date command to only clone security errata released before or on the specified date.