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3.2. Restore from Backup

Red Hat Network database control is used to restore the embedded database from a backup.

Procedure 3.2. Restoring the Embedded Database from Backup

  1. Stop the RHN Satellite Server server using the stop command:
    rhn-satellite stop
  2. Switch to the Oracle user, and restore the backup using the db-control utility:
    su - oracle
    db-control restore [directory]
    Replace directory with the absolute path to the location that contains the backup. This process will verify the contents of the backup before restoring the database. The process will take several minutes.
  3. Switch back to the root user, and start the Satellite:
    rhn-satellite start
  4. Regardless of whether you are backing up an external or embedded database, when the satellite is restored from a backup, the following command should be run to schedule the restoration of search indexes the next time the rhn-search service is started:
    /etc/init.d/rhn-search cleanindex