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Chapter 5. Monitoring

RHN Satellite Server contains many different components, many of which can be monitored. This chapter outlines ways of performing monitoring operations for different areas of the system.

Procedure 5.1. Monitoring Tablespace

  1. In Oracle databases, it is important to regularly check that the tablespaces have sufficient free space. Do this by switching user to the Oracle user, and issuing the db-control report command:
    su - oracle
    db-control report
    Tablespace    Size  Used Avail  Use%
    DATA_TBS      4.8G 3.9G  996M   80%
    SYSTEM        250M 116M  133M   46%
    TOOLS         128M 3M    124M   2%
    UNDO_TBS      1000M 61M  938M   6%
    USERS         128M 64K   127M   0%
  2. If a tablespace is becoming full, it can be extended using the db-control extend command with the name of the tablespace to be extended:
    db-control extend tablespace

Procedure 5.2. Monitoring RHN Satellite Server Processes

  • Verify that the Satellite processes are working using the rhn-satellite status command:
    rhn-satellite status