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Chapter 4. Cloning a Machine

The command spacewalk-clone-by-date allows RHN Satellite customers to create custom cloned Red Hat Enterprise Linux channels based on the date Errata was made available to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux system.

4.1. Features

The following features are available with spacewalk-clone-by-date:
  • Cloning the state of the channel as it was on a specific date
  • Automating the cloning by scripts and template files
  • Removing or blocking packages from channels
  • Resolving package dependencies within the parent and child channels
  • Filtering and acting on specific errata while ignoring others. For example, acting only on security errata and ignoring bugfixes and enhancements.


The command spacewalk-clone-by-date needs to be run as the root user and the username needs to be either an Organizational Administrator or Channel Administrator.