4.3.5. CA Certificate Configuration

The next step is to create a CA certificate for the Satellite for SSL access. To do so, you must answer a few questions.
CA cert
Enter a password for the certificate.
Enter the name of your organization.
Organization Unit
Enter the name of your department within your organization.
Email Address
Enter an email address to be associated with this certificate, such as the admin email entered in the steps above.
Enter the city where the Satellite resides.
Enter the state where the Satellite resides.
Enter the country where the Satellite resides. The country code must be exactly two letters, or the certificate generation fails. Type ? to see a list of country codes.
Once the CA Cert certificate is generated, the installer script performs final configuration and restarts the associated services.
* Final configuration. 
* Restarting services.
Installation complete. 
Visit https://your-satellite.example.com to create the satellite administrator account.
The Red Hat Network Satellite installation is now complete.