4.2. Pre-Installation

The following instructions assume the Red Hat Network Satellite installation media is mounted at /media/cdrom/. The installation media contains the install.pl installer script.
This section outlines considerations to take in account before running the installer script.

4.2.1. Options for the Installer Script

The table below outlines the various options available for the install.pl installer script:

Table 4.1. Installation Options

Option Usage
--help Print this help message.
--answer-file=<filename> Indicates the location of an answer file to be use for answering questions asked during the installation process.
--non-interactive For use only with --answer-file. If the --answer-file does not provide a required response, exit instead of prompting the user.
--re-register Register the system with Red Hat Network, even if it is already registered.
--external-db Install Satellite with a Stand-Alone Database
--disconnected Install the satellite in disconnected mode.
--clear-db Clear any pre-existing database schema before installing. This will destroy any data in the Satellite database and re-create empty Satellite schema.
--skip-system-version-test Do not test the Red Hat Enterprise Linux version before installing.
--skip-selinux-test Do not check to make sure SELINUX is disabled.
--skip-fqdn-test Do not verify that the system has a valid hostname. Red Hat Network Satellite requires that the hostname be properly set during installation. Using this option may result in a Satellite server that is not fully functional.
--skip-db-install Do not install the embedded database. This option may be useful if you are reinstalling the satellite, and do not want to clear the database.
--skip-db-diskspace-check Do not check to make sure there is enough free disk space to install the embedded database.
--skip-db-population Do not populate the database schema.
--skip-gpg-key-import Do not import Red Hat's GPG key.
--skip-ssl-cert-generation Do not generate the SSL certificates for the Satellite.
--run-updater Do not ask to install needed packages from Red Hat Network, if the system is registered.