4.2.2. Automated Red Hat Network Satellite Server Installation

The Red Hat Network Satellite installer provides the option to use an answer file. This file contains pre-determined responses to some, or all, of the questions asked by the installer. The installer uses the answer file to run without user interaction; this is useful in situations where Satellite requires automated installation. For an example of an answers file, view the answers.txt file found in the install/ directory of the CD or ISO.
Follow the steps below to perform an automated install with an answer file.

Procedure 4.3. Installing with an Answers File

  1. Copy the example answers.txt file to /tmp/answers.txt
    # cp answers.txt /tmp/answers.txt
  2. Edit the file and add your organization's desired options.
  3. Once the answer file is ready, use the --answer-file option when starting the installation process from the command line:
    # ./install.pl --answer-file=/tmp/answers.txt
    The Red Hat Network Satellite Installation Program then looks for answers in the file. For any option not filled out in the file, the Installer Program prompts the user for the missing information.