2.2.2. s/390 Hardware Requirements for Stand-Alone Database Installations

For the s/390 mainframe platform, the following table shows the requirements and recommended configurations for Red Hat Network Satellite installations with a standalone database.

Table 2.2. Stand-Alone Database Satellite Hardware Requirements for s/390 Platform

Required Recommended
1 IFL, either in LPAR configuration or shared through z/VM 2+ IFLs on z9 or earlier, 1+ IFL on z10
2 GB of memory 8 GB of memory
1 GB swap on ECKD DASD 512 MB swap on VDISK + 1 GB swap on ECKD DASD
1xMod3 ECKD DASD or ≥ 2 GB FCP SCSI LUN for OS install 1xMod9 ECKD DASD or ≥ 2 GB multipathed FCP SCSI LUN for Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation
At least 30 GB storage per software channel (including Base and child channels), in /var/satellite/, configurable at install
z/VM 5.3 or later[a]
VSWITCH or Hipersocket LAN for high speed connections to guests
[a] z/VM required for kickstart/provisioning of guests.