2.3.2. s/390 Hardware Requirements for Embedded Database Installations

For the s/390 mainframe platform, the following table shows the requirements and recommended configurations for Red Hat Network Satellite installations with embedded databases.

Table 2.4. Embedded Database Satellite Hardware Requirements for s/390 Platform

Required Recommended
1 IFL, either in LPAR configuration or shared through z/VM 2+ IFLs on z9 or earlier, 1+ IFL on z10
2 GB of memory 8 GB of memory
1 GB swap on ECKD DASD 512 MB swap on VDISK + 1 GB swap on ECKD DASD
1xMod3 ECKD DASD or ≥ 2 GB FCP SCSI LUN for OS install 1xMod9 ECKD DASD or ≥ 2 GB multipathed FCP SCSI LUN for Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation
Estimated 12 GB disk space for embedded database At least 30 GB storage per software channel (including Base and child channels), in /var/satellite/, configurable at install
z/VM 5.3 or later[a]
VSWITCH or Hipersocket LAN for high speed connections to guests
[a] z/VM required for kickstart/provisioning of guests.