2.3. Embedded Database Requirements

The Embedded Database version of Red Hat Network Satellite requires certain hardware considerations. This section specifies these hardware requirements when installing Red Hat Network Satellite server with the included database.

2.3.1. x86_64 Hardware Requirements for Embedded Database Installations

The following table shows the required and recommended hardware configurations on the x86_64 platform for a Satellite server using an Embedded Database:

Table 2.3. Embedded Database Satellite Hardware Requirements

Required Recommended
Intel Core processor, 2.4GHz, 512K cache or equivalent Intel multi-core processor, 2.4GHz dual processor, 512K cache or equivalent
2 GB of memory 8 GB of memory
5 GB storage for base install of Red Hat Enterprise Linux At least 30 GB storage per software channel (including Base and child channels), in /var/satellite/, configurable at install
An external SAN for more reliable backups
12 GB storage for the database repository, in the /rhnsat partition (local storage only)
a SCSI drive connected to a level 5 RAID (strongly recommended)
Separate partition (or better, a separate set of physical disks) for storing backups, which can be any directory specifiable at backup time