Chapter 8. Upgrades

This chapter examines how to upgrade a pre-existing Red Hat Network Satellite to version 5.5. Please ensure to meet the requirements listed in Section 8.1, “Upgrade Requirements” before running the upgrade procedure.

8.1. Upgrade Requirements

An upgrade from one version of Satellite to another requires the following items:
  • An updated Satellite certificate;
  • Satellite Upgrade Package (rhn-upgrade);
  • New Installation ISO;
The following procedure explain how to obtain these items.

Procedure 8.1. Preparing for Satellite Upgrade

  1. Obtain Satellite Certificate

    1. Obtain a Satellite certificate from the Red Hat Customer Portal at under Subscriptions.
    2. Save this Certificate on your Satellite server.
  2. Obtain Satellite Upgrade Package (rhn-upgrade)

    1. Ensure the Satellite is registered to the Red Hat Network Satellite Channel.
    2. Install the rhn-upgrade package with the following commmand:
      # yum install rhn-upgrade
      This package installs scripts and a comprehensive set of instructions for a Satellite upgrade within the /etc/sysconfig/rhn/satellite-upgrade directory.
  3. Obtain Installation ISO

    1. Obtain a Red Hat Network Satellite 5.5 ISO from the Red Hat Customer Portal at under Downloads.
    2. Download this ISO to your Satellite server.