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4.4. Manage Software Packages

In addition to adding and removing packages within channels, there is also the option of deleting packages entirely from both the database and file system. Removal from the file system is delayed by about one hour. This can be done through the Software Package Management page, accessed by clicking Manage Software Packages on the left navigation bar.


Although deleting packages from the database can be undone by uploading them again, the packages lose their association with any errata. Upon reloading, they must be re-associated with errata manually. Refer to Chapter 5, Custom Errata Management for instructions.
To remove packages from the database:
  1. Go to the Software Package Management page and select an option containing the packages from the View dropdown menu and click View.
  2. Select the appropriate checkboxes and click Delete Packages. A confirmation page appears with the packages listed. Click Confirm to delete the packages entirely.
Since the actual packages are stored on the RHN Proxy Server, its custom packages cannot be downloaded through the RHN website, although they are listed. They must be retrieved by the client system using up2date. On the other hand, since the RHN Satellite Server provides its own website, its custom packages are accessible via HTTP or Red Hat Update Agent. To obtain custom packages, the client system must be subscribed to the channel containing the packages.