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4.2. Manage Software Channels

In addition to the buttons and pages available to standard RHN Management-level users, RHN Satellite Server and RHN Proxy Server customers also have access to Manage Software Channels on the left navigation bar. This button opens the Software Channel Management interface, where all custom software channel management work occurs.


When using both RHN Proxy Server and RHN Satellite Server, manage custom channels and packages only on the Satellite, since the Proxy servers receive updates directly from it. Manually managing packages and channels on a Proxy in this combined configuration risks putting the servers out-of-sync.
Clicking links within the Software Channel Management list takes you to different tabs of the Managed Software Channel Details page. Clicking a channel name opens the Details tab, while clicking its number of packages opens the List/Remove subtab of the Packages tab. Refer to Section 4.3, “Manage Software Channel Details” for a full explanation of these areas.