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Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Satellite

Appendix A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 8-4.401Thu Aug 20 2015Dan Macpherson
Mass publication of all Satellite 5.5 books
Revision 8-4.4002013-10-31Rüdiger Landmann
Rebuild with publican 4.0.0
Revision 8-4Wed Sept 19 2012Dan Macpherson
Final packaging for 5.5
Revision 8-3Fri Aug 17 2012Athene Chan
BZ#768267 Added an important note in Section 4.8
Revision 8-2Fri Aug 17 2012Athene Chan
Minor edits.
Revision 8-1Fri Aug 17 2012Athene Chan
BZ#768267 Edited sentence in the "Deleting Software Channels" section.
Revision 8-0Tue June 26 2012Athene Chan
Prepared Chapters 1-4 for RHN Satellite 5.5 publication
Prepared Chapters 5 - 6 for RHN Satellite 5.5 publication
BZ#768267 Fixed information on channel deletions and it's effects on packages
Technical Review edits incorporated
Revision 7-0Thu May 24 2012Athene Chan
BZ#798415 Updated RPM links.
Revision 6-3Mon Aug 15 2011Lana Brindley
Folded z-stream release into y-stream
Revision 6-2Wed Jun 15 2011Lana Brindley
Prepared for publication
Revision 6-1Fri May 27 2011Lana Brindley
Updates from translaters
Revision 6-0Fri May 6 2011Lana Brindley
Prepared for translation
Revision 5-8Thu May 5 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#701846 - QE Review
Revision 5-7Wed April 27 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#637722 - QE Review
Revision 5-6Thu March 24 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#637722 - Channel and Package Management
BZ#679529 - Package Maintenance