6.3.2. Synchronizing Errata and Packages via Local Media

For customers who cannot connect their Satellite directly to RHN, Red Hat recommends downloading Channel Content ISOs to a separate, Internet-connected system and then transferring them to the Satellite. Refer to Section, “Preparing Channel Content ISOs” for instructions on downloading the ISOs. For ease of import, we recommend that the data be copied from media directly into a common repository through a command such as the following:
cp -rv /mnt/cdrom/* /var/rhn-sat-sync/
Then, the following command:
satellite-sync -c rhel-i386-as-3 --mount-point /var/rhn-sat-sync
This can be used to perform the sync process described above, using the dump files in /var/rhn-sat-sync to perform the necessary comparisons and imports. See Section 6.2.3, “Running the Import” for precise steps.