8.2. Updating the Satellite

If any critical updates are made to RHN Satellite, they will be released in the form of an Erratum for the RHN Satellite.
For RHN Satellite systems that may be connected to the Internet, the best method for applying these Errata Updates is using the Red Hat Update Agent via Red Hat Network. Since the RHN Satellite is subscribed to Red Hat Network during initial installation, the user should be able to run yum update on the RHN Satellite or use the website at https://rhn.redhat.com to apply the updates.


Apache RPMs do not restart the httpd service upon installation. Therefore, after conducting a full update of an RHN Satellite Server (such as with the command yum update , Apache may fail. To avoid this, make sure you restart the httpd service after upgrading it.
For RHN Satellite systems that may not be connected to the Internet, the packages themselves may be retrieved using a customer account at https://rhn.redhat.com. Then, they can be applied manually by the customer according to instructions in the Errata Advisory.


It is very important to read the Errata Advisory before applying any RHN Satellite Errata Updates. Additional configuration steps may be required to apply certain RHN Satellite updates, especially if they involve the database. In such cases, the advisory will contain specific and detailed information about necessary steps that may be required.
If instead of installing new Satellite packages, you are attempting to update the server's RHN Entitlement Certificate, such as to increase its number of client systems, refer to Chapter 5, Entitlements for instructions.