8.7. Changing the Satellite Hostname

If you need to change the hostname or IP address of your Satellite server, the satellite-utils package contains the satellite-hostname-rename script.
To use the satellite-hostname-rename script, you must first ensure that you know your SSL CA passphrase by performing the following command:
openssl rsa -in path/RHN-ORG-PRIVATE-SSL-KEY
Then enter passphrase when prompted.
satellite-hostname-rename requires one mandatory argument, which is the IP address of the Satellite server, regardless of whether the IP address will change along with the hostname or not.
The usage of satellite-hostname-rename is as follows:
spacewalk-hostname-rename <ip address> [ --ssl-country=<country> --ssl-state=<state>\
--ssl-org=<organization/company> --ssl-orgunit=<department> --ssl-email=<email address> --ssl-ca-password=<password>]
If there is a need to generate a new SSL certificate, all necessary information will be asked interactively via series of prompts, unless options are passed at the command-line (as in the above example). When the system hostname has not changed, the regeneration of a new SSL server certificate is not necessary. However, if at least one SSL option is specified, then satellite-hostname-rename will generate a certificate.
For more information about using satellite-hostname-rename, refer to the following Red Hat Knowledgebase entry: