5.3. Managing the RHN Certificate with RHN Satellite Activate

For disconnected Satellites or customers who prefer to work locally, Red Hat provides a command line tool for managing your RHN Entitlement Certificate and activating the Satellite using that certificate: RHN Satellite Activate (rhn-satellite-activate). This is included with the Satellite installation as part of the spacewalk-backend-tools package.

5.3.1. Command Line Entitlement Options

The rhn-satellite-activate tool offers a handful of command line options for activating a Satellite using its RHN Entitlement Certificate:

Table 5.1. RHN Entitlement Certificate Options

Option Description
-h, --help Display the help screen with a list of options.
--sanity-only Confirm certificate sanity. Does not activate the Satellite locally or remotely.
--disconnected Activates locally but not on remote RHN Servers.
--rhn-cert=/PATH/TO/CERT Uploads new certificate and activates the Satellite based upon the other options passed (if any).
--systemid=/PATH/TO/SYSTEMID For testing only - Provides an alternative system ID by path and file. The system default is used if not specified.
--no-ssl For testing only - Disable SSL.
To use these options, insert the option and the appropriate value, if needed, after the rhn-satellite-activate command. Refer to Section 5.3.2, “Activating the Satellite”.