advantages, RHN Satellite
Apache, Updating the Satellite
Apache HTTP, How it Works
automating Satellite synchronization, Automating Synchronization


backing up the RHN Satellite, Backing Up the Satellite
block sizes, Database Requirements


definition, Terms to Understand
channel content
import process, Preparing Channel Content ISOs
channel content ISOs
preparing, Preparing Channel Content ISOs
channel package
default location
/var/satellite/ , Base Install
chkconfig , Additional Requirements
cloning satellite, Cloning the Satellite with Embedded DB
Configuration Administrator
definition, Terms to Understand


database requirements
Oracle access level, Database Requirements
database RPMs
default location
/opt/ , Base Install
options, DB Control Options
db-control use, Using RHN DB Control
disable services
chkconfig , Additional Requirements


embedded database
default location
/rhnsat/ , Base Install
enabling push to clients, Enabling Push to Clients
entitlement certificate, Additional Requirements, RHN Satellite Installation Program
uploading, Uploading the RHN Entitlement Certificate


firewall rules
requirements, Additional Requirements


channel content
process, Preparing Channel Content ISOs
satellite data, Importing and Synchronizing
importing data
placing Errata in repository, Running the Import
populating the channel, Running the Import
running the import, Running the Import
base, Base Install
MySQL, MySQL Installation
of RHN Satellite, RHN Satellite Installation Program
sendmail, Sendmail Configuration
automated, Automated RHN Satellite Server Installation
installation task list, Summary of Steps


maintenance, Maintenance
mysql-server , MySQL Installation


operating system
supported, Software Requirements
Oracle 10g, How it Works
Organization Administrator
definition, Terms to Understand
osa-dispatcher , Enabling Push to Clients
osad , Enabling Push to Clients


Red Hat Network
introduction, Red Hat Network
Red Hat Update Agent
definition, Terms to Understand
redundant satellite, Establishing Redundant Satellites with Stand-Alone DB
requirements, Requirements
additional, Additional Requirements
database, Database Requirements
DNS, Additional Requirements
entitlement certificate, Additional Requirements
firewall rules, Additional Requirements
FQDN, Additional Requirements
hardware, Hardware Requirements
jabberd, Additional Requirements
ntp, Additional Requirements
software, Software Requirements
TCP Ports, Additional Requirements
components, How it Works
RHN DB Control
backup, Backing up the Database
options, DB Control Options
restore, Restoring the Database
verify, Verifying the Backup
RHN Entitlement Certificate
options, Command Line Entitlement Options
RHN Entitlement Certificates, Entitlements
receiving, Receiving the Certificate
RHN Satellite Activate , Managing the RHN Certificate with RHN Satellite Activate
RHN Satellite Exporter, Exporting with RHN Satellite Exporter
RHN Satellite Server entitlement, RHN Satellite Installation Program
RHN Satellite Synchronization Tool , Importing with RHN Satellite Synchronization Tool
options, satellite-sync
rhn-satellite, Managing the Satellite with rhn-satellite
rhn-satellite-activate , Managing the RHN Certificate with RHN Satellite Activate
activating, Activating the Satellite
options, Command Line Entitlement Options
rhn-satellite-exporter, rhn-satellite-exporter
export, Exporting
options, rhn-satellite-exporter
sample file, Sample RHN Satellite Configuration File
rogerthat01@{mail domain} , Sendmail Configuration


Satellite configuration
search, Configuring Satellite Search
Satellite Installation Program
options, Options to the Satellite Installation Program
Satellite Ports, Additional Requirements
satellite redundancy, Establishing Redundant Satellites with Stand-Alone DB
satellite-sync , Running the Import, Synchronizing Errata and Packages Directly via RHN
--step=channel-families , Running the Import
--step=channels , Running the Import
--step=rpms , Running the Import
cron job, Automating Synchronization
search, Configuring Satellite Search
sendmail , Additional Requirements
spacewalk-backend-tools , Managing the RHN Certificate with RHN Satellite Activate, Running the Import
summary of steps, Summary of Steps
keeping channel data in sync, Synchronizing
satellite data, Importing and Synchronizing


terms to understand, Terms to Understand
tool use, Conducting Satellite-Specific Tasks
topologies, Example Topologies
multiple satellites horizontally tiered, Multiple Satellite Horizontally Tiered Topology
satellite and proxies vertically tiered, Satellite-Proxy Vertically Tiered Topology
single satellite, Single Satellite Topology
traceback, Terms to Understand
definition, Terms to Understand
troubleshooting, Troubleshooting
full disk space, Troubleshooting


updating the RHN Satellite, Updating the Satellite