Chapter 2. Requirements

These requirements must be met before installation.

2.1. Software Requirements

To perform an installation, the following software components must be available:
  • Base operating system — RHN Satellite is supported with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6. The operating system can be installed from disc, local ISO image, kickstart, or any of the methods supported by Red Hat. Red Hat Enterprise Linux installations must provide the @Base package group with no other package-set modifications, and without third-party configurations or software that is not directly necessary for the direct operation of the server. This restriction includes hardening or other non-Red Hat security software. If such software is required in your infrastructure, you must first install and verify a complete working Satellite first, and then make a backup of the system before adding any non-Red Hat software.
    When installing a new RHN Satellite, it is recommended that the latest supported update to Red Hat Enterprise Linux is installed.
    Satellite can be installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 or 6 in any virtualized environment supported by Red Hat, including Xen, KVM, and VMware.
    Note that for production deployments, we recommend that you deploy RHN Satellite as the sole application running on the underlying physical hardware to avoid contention issues. Also, be aware that functional support for virtualized environments does not always equal the performance of running on physical hardware, so you may need to carefully consider your virtualized environment of choice and any tuning guide lines recommended.


    Each purchased RHN Satellite product includes one supported instance of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server. RHN Satellite must be installed on a fresh installation of Enterprise Linux where RHN Satellite is the only application and service provided by the OS. Using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS included with RHN Satellite to run other daemons, applications, or services within your environment is not supported.
  • RHN Satellite supports SELinux targeted policy in enforcing or permissive mode on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6. SELinux is a set of secure software policies that implement mandatory access control to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and other operating systems. Users can have SELinux in enforcing or permissive mode with the targeted policy set during installation of Proxy or Satellite.
  • Satellite installation disc or ISO — this contains the RHN Satellite Installation Program. All packages required in order to suport the Program are installed automatically, and require no intervention from the user.


Additional packages beyond @Base are required to install Red Hat Network Satellite. The Satellite installer will prompt you to either install the listed packages or ask if you want it to download the files from RHN. If your system is not registered to RHN, you should have the Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation media available during the Satellite installation process to install these additional packages as needed.
The files necessary for Satellite installation are listed in the rhelrpms file located in the updates directory on the Satellite installation ISO image.
  • Channel content — All software packages and data exported for all entitled Red Hat channels. This content may be loaded directly on the Satellite after installation using the RHN Satellite Synchronization Tool or obtained from your Red Hat representative if synchronization is not possible, such as in a disconnected environment.
When installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 or 6 from CD or ISO image, there is no need to select any package groups, only the base install is required. When installing either operating system via kickstart, select the @ Base package group.