2.2.3. The up2date --configure Option

The Red Hat Update Agent in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and 4 provides an interface for configuring various settings. For full listings of these settings, refer to the up2date manual page (man up2date at a command line).
To reconfigure the Red Hat Update Agent, issue the following command as root:
 up2date --configure 
You are presented with a dialog box offering various settings that may be reconfigured. In the General tab, under Select a Red Hat Network Server to use replace the default value with the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the RHN Satellite Server or RHN Proxy Server, such as https://your_proxy_or_sat.your_domain.com/XMLRPC. Retain the /XMLRPC at the end. When finished, click OK.
Red Hat Update Agent GUI Configuration

Figure 2.1. Red Hat Update Agent GUI Configuration

Make sure you enter the domain name of your RHN Satellite Server or RHN Proxy Server correctly. Entering an incorrect domain or leaving the field blank may prevent up2date --configure from launching. This may be resolved, however, by editing the value in the up2date configuration file. Refer to Section 2.2.4, “Updating the Configuration Files Manually” for precise instructions.


Systems running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 or 4 have registration functionality built into the Red Hat Update Agent and therefore do not install the Red Hat Network Registration Client. Systems on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 do not use up2date, and need rhn_register to register their systems to RHN or Satellite and yum and pup to update their packages.