3.3. Satellite-Proxy Vertically Tiered Topology

An alternative method to balance load is to install RHN Proxy Servers below a RHN Satellite Server. These Proxies connect to the Satellite for RPMs from Red Hat Network and custom packages created locally. In essence, the Proxies act as clients of the Satellite.
This vertically tiered configuration requires that channels and RPMs be created only on the RHN Satellite Server. In this manner, the Proxies inherit and then serve packages from a central location. For details, refer to the RHN Channel Management Guide.
Similarly, you should make the Proxies' SSL certificates clients of the Satellite while also setting them to serve the client systems. This process is described in the RHN Client Configuration Guide.
Satellite-Proxy Vertically Tiered Topology

Figure 3.3. Satellite-Proxy Vertically Tiered Topology