Chapter 2. Requirements

These requirements must be met before installation.

2.1. Software Requirements

To perform an installation, the following software components must be available:
  • Base operating system — RHN Satellite Server is supported with Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3 Update 5 or later, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4 or later. The operating system can be installed from disc, local ISO image, kickstart, or any of the methods supported by Red Hat, but must provide the @Base package group and the ntp package.


    When Red Hat Enterprise Linux is mentioned, it refers to the x86, 32-bit version. All other variants of Red Hat Enterprise Linux are currently unsupported as a base operating system for the Satellite.


Security-enhanced Linux (SELinux) must be disabled or in permissive mode prior to installation of RHN Satellite Server. To do this during CD or ISO image installation, select Permissive when presented with options for SELinux support. To do this for kickstart installation, include the command selinux --permissive or wait for the install to complete, edit the /etc/selinux/config file to read SELINUX=permissive and reboot the system.
More in-depth coverage of SELinux is available at You may also refer to the Red Hat Knowledgebase article on SELinux and RHN Satellite Server at
  • Satellite installation disc or ISO — this contains the RHN Satellite Server Installation Program. All packages required in order to suport the Program are installed automatically, and require no intervention from the user.


Installing packages other than the packages contained in the @Base package group and the ntp package can lead to package conflicts.
  • Channel content — All software packages and data exported for all entitled Red Hat channels. This content may be loaded directly on the Satellite after installation using the RHN Satellite Synchronization Tool or obtained from your Red Hat representative if synchronization is not possible, such as in a disconnected environment.
When installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3 or 4 from CD or ISO image, there is no need to select any package groups, only the base install is required. When installing either operating system via kickstart, select the @ Base package group.