Chapter 8. Maintenance

Because of the RHN Satellite Server's unique closed environment, its users are provided with abilities not available to any other Red Hat Network customers. In addition, the Satellite itself also requires maintenance. This chapter discusses the procedures that should be followed to carry out administrative functions outside of standard use, as well as to apply patches to the RHN Satellite Server.

8.1. Managing the Satellite Service

Since the RHN Satellite Server consists of a multitude of individual components, Red Hat provides a master service that allows you to stop, start, or retrieve status information from the various services in the appropriate order: rhn-satellite. This helper service accepts all of the typical commands:
service rhn-satellite start
service rhn-satellite stop
service rhn-satellite restart
service rhn-satellite status
Use the rhn-satellite service to shut down and bring up the entire RHN Satellite Server and retrieve status messages from all of its services at once.