Chapter 5. Entitlements

The RHN Satellite Server, like RHN itself, provides all services to customers through the setting of entitlements. For RHN, entitlements are purchased by customers as needed; however, for RHN Satellite Server, entitlements are contractually agreed-upon beforehand, and they are set at installation time. All public channels are automatically available; the private channels that should also be made available through the Satellite are determined by the RHN Entitlement Certificate.
The RHN Entitlement Certificate, which contains the precise set of entitlements attributed to your organization, is provided by your Red Hat representative. Red Hat reserves the right to compare the contents of that RHN Entitlement Certificate with the database's entitlement settings at any time to ensure compliance with the terms of the customer's contract with Red Hat.
The steps referenced in this section are typically carried out by the RHN Satellite Server Installation Program itself and do not need to be repeated during initial installation. Instead, they are listed here for use by customers who have received a new RHN Entitlement Certificate, such as one reflecting an increase in the number of entitlements.

5.1. Receiving the Certificate

The RHN Entitlement Certificate is an XML document that looks something like this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rhn-cert version="0.1">
  <rhn-cert-field name="product">RHN-SATELLITE-001</rhn-cert-field>
  <rhn-cert-field name="owner">Clay's Precious Satellite</rhn-cert-field>
  <rhn-cert-field name="issued">2005-01-11 00:00:00</rhn-cert-field>
  <rhn-cert-field name="expires">2005-03-11 00:00:00</rhn-cert-field>
  <rhn-cert-field name="slots">30</rhn-cert-field>
  <rhn-cert-field name="provisioning-slots">30</rhn-cert-field>
  <rhn-cert-field name="nonlinux-slots">30</rhn-cert-field>
  <rhn-cert-field name="channel-families" quantity="10" family="rhel-cluster"/>
  <rhn-cert-field name="channel-families" quantity="30" family="rhel-ws-extras"/>
  <rhn-cert-field name="channel-families" quantity="10" family="rhel-gfs"/>
  <rhn-cert-field name="channel-families" quantity="10" family="rhel-es-extras"/>
  <rhn-cert-field name="channel-families" quantity="40" family="rhel-as"/>
  <rhn-cert-field name="channel-families" quantity="30" family="rhn-tools"/>
  <rhn-cert-field name="satellite-version">3.6</rhn-cert-field>
  <rhn-cert-field name="generation">2</rhn-cert-field>
Version: Crypt::OpenPGP 1.03



Do not try to use this RHN Entitlement Certificate; it is just an example.
The initial RHN Entitlement Certificate is generated by a member of the RHN team and emailed to a consultant or customer prior to installation. This process helps guarantee that we do not inadvertently install any RHN Satellite Servers that the RHN team does not know about.
Save the XML file to the Satellite machine in preparation for activation.