Chapter 5. RHMAP 3.20.2 Release Announcement

These patch release notes provide an overview of the bug fixes and maintenance work completed for this release.

5.1. Release Announcement

New Version of fh-mbaas-api

A new changelog for fh-mbaas-api has been created and it documents all changes in lib. Dependencies of fh-mbaas-api have been updated to resolve security vulnerabilities.

New Major Version of the FHC

Version 4 of FHC, the RHMAP command line interface, is available and includes bug fixes and changes to the APIs. For more information, please see the changelog.

Windows Phone Support Removed

RHMAP support for Windows Phone has now been removed.

5.2. Deprecation Notice

Deprecation of Xamarin

RHMAP Support for Xamarin is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

5.3. Resolved Issues

  • RHMAP-18299 Elevated response time when deploying forms to an environment with a large number of submissions
  • RHMAP-19093 Export of form submission fails
  • RHMAP-19011 Cordova Forms App crashes on iOS 11 when using a PhotoCapture field
  • RHMAP-17170 Resources window fails to retrieve data and crashes after 30 minutes approx in the browser