Chapter 4. Known Issues

4.1. Known Issues


Domain mode is not yet fully supported in the technical preview.

These known issues exist in Red Hat Middleware Management at this time:

BZ# 1390756

After deleting an EAP Server Datasource, the deletion event does not appear on the timeline.

BZ# 1404270

For EAP7 in domain mode, CloudForms does not display the underlying Virtual Machine attribute in the server details. The underlying VM representation for each EAP7 server in domain mode is also missing in the Topology view.

BZ# 1405092

Middleware manager Server fails to start due to low disk space but does not give a descriptive error message in either the Hawkular Service log or the Cassandra log.

BZ# 1438823

There is no history of EAP power operation; it only shows that the operation was initiated, but there is no history or event showing if the operation was successful or failed.

BZ# 1455877

When running the middleware management services container image in SSL mode, the Java agent is not able to monitor the middleware manager services itself, so the middleware manager server is not recognized and displayed in the CloudForms user interface. This only happens when you are running the middleware manager container with the HAWKULAR_USE_SSL= option set to true.

BZ# 1457491

The links on any Provider Timeline Event Details page are broken and display the error message "The page you were looking for doesn’t exist." instead of navigating back to the Provider Summary view.