Chapter 1. RedHat JBoss Web Server 5.4 Service Pack 2

Welcome to the Red Hat JBoss Web Server version 5.4 Service Pack 2 release.

Red Hat JBoss Web Server is a fully integrated and certified set of components for hosting Java web applications. It consists of an application server (Apache Tomcat Servlet container), and the Tomcat Native Library. A short description of key components is given below:

  • Apache tomcat: a servlet container in accordance with the Java Servlet Specification. JBoss Web Server contains Apache Tomcat 9.
  • Apache tomcat native library: a Tomcat library, which improves Tomcat scalability, performance, and integration with native server technologies.
  • tomcat-vault: an extension for the JBoss Web Server used for securely storing passwords and other sensitive information used by a JBoss Web Server.
  • mod_cluster library: a library that allows communication between Apache Tomcat and the Apache HTTP Server’s mod_proxy_cluster module. This allows the Apache HTTP Server to be used as a load balancer for JBoss Web Server. For information on the configuration of mod_cluster, or for information on the installation and configuration of the alternative load balancers mod_jk and mod_proxy, see the HTTP Connectors and Load Balancing Guide.
  • Apache portable runtime(APR): A runtime which provides superior scalability, performance, and improved integration with native server technologies. APR is a highly portable library that is at the heart of Apache HTTP Server 2.x. It enables access to advanced IO functionality (for example: sendfile, epoll and OpenSSL), Operating System level functionality (for example: random number generation and system status), and native process handling (shared memory, NT pipes and Unix sockets).
  • OpenSSL: A software library which implements the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols and includes a basic cryptographic library.

This release of JBoss Web Server covers a few major security updates. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is not supported with 5.4 Service Pack 1 or later releases.