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Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat JBoss Web Server

4.4. Starting JBoss Web Server

To start Red Hat JBoss Web Server, you must start the following:
  • Tomcat (7 or 8).
  • Apache HTTP Server.

Procedure 4.10. Starting Tomcat

  • Run the following command with your respective Tomcat version (7 or 8):
    $ sh JWS_HOME/share/apache-tomcat-<VERSION>/bin/


    Although there are multiple methods of starting Tomcat, it is recommended that you use the script. To start Tomcat as a service using Jsvc, see Chapter 5, Using Jsvc to Start Tomcat.

Procedure 4.11. Starting Apache HTTP Server

  • To start Apache HTTP Server (httpd), in a terminal as the root, change to JWS_HOME/sbin/ and run the following command:
    # ./apachectl start