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5.3. Jsvc Parameters

The following parameters can be configured when running the script:

Table 5.1. Startup Parameters

Parameter Name Environment Variable Default Value Description
--java-home JAVA_HOME Based on the value of the PATH variable. The Java home directory location.
--catalina-home CATALINA_HOME Determined by the location of the script. The Tomcat installation directory location.
--catalina-base CATALINA_BASE Based on the value of the PATH variable. The directory that contains the specific configuration and set up information if multiple servers are using the same installation.
--catalina-pid - $CATALINA_BASE/logs/ The file where the process ID (PID) for the running instance of Tomcat is stored.
--tomcat-user - tomcat The user Tomcat uses.
--service-start-wait-time - This is a wrapper to the --wait parameter. The --wait parameter accepts values in seconds.