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1.2. Components

Red Hat JBoss Web Server consists of the following components:
  • Apache Tomcat is a servlet container in accordance with Java Servlet Specification. JBoss Web Server contains Apache Tomcat 7 and Apache Tomcat 8.
  • Apache Native is a Tomcat library, which improves Tomcat scalability, performance, and integration with native server technologies. It also contains an implementation of APR (Apache Portable Runtime). APR is a binary protocol for communication of Apache HTTP Server and Apache Tomcat.
  • Apache Tomcat Connectors (mod_jk, mod_cluster) are connectors between Apache HTTP Server and Apache Tomcat. Note that the default is mod_cluster, as it is the JBoss native load balancer and is more efficient, reliable, and scalable than mod_jk.
  • Apache HTTP Server is an open source web server developed by the Apache Software Foundation. The implementation follows the current HTTP standards.


    By default, the delivered Apache HTTP Server provides support for Secure Socket Layer (SSL). To remove it, see the procedure on removing SSL in the Configuring the JBoss Web Server Installation section for your installation platform.
  • Hibernate is an object-relational mapping framework. The delivered Hibernate contains Hibernate Core, Hibernate Annotations, Hibernate EntityManager with JPA 1.0 APIs.
For a detailed list of component versions included in JBoss Web Server 3, see


Tomcat clustering has been removed from JBoss Web Server 3. If you need clustering or session replication support for Java applications, Red Hat recommends that you use Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP).